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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  July 13, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 ááaa lib baltimore idooáá
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friday the 13th muh hahahahahaha.... 33 3((singing)) ((singing))
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police are still gathering evidence this morning after n officer shoots and kills a suspect in baltimore county. it happeeed just before miinight onnhighmeadow road in . reisterstown.joel d. ssithh joins us live on the scene where he's just spoken too neighbors.good morning joel d. d. & (())
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3&p an arrest has been made in outside a carroll counnyy restaurant early this morning. 36 year ood david garrett was killed and another man was injured in the incident in at &pthe harrest inn restaurant an
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par in westminster.police identified jacob bircher as the suspect... nd the 24 &pyeaa oll tuuned himself in a dog is being nurred back to health this morning... after beiig tossed in the trash... and left to die. this pitbull terrier was bbought to the balltmore animal rescue and care helter mondayy tte dog they're now calling "thor" is estimated to be about 5 years old, but weighs just 27 pounds.... and has sores all over his bodyy shelter wookers say animal can in an alley behind cole sh street in south baltimore. they're not sure how long he'dd been in there... but doo't 2058 we know that he ould not have gotten up in that rash can by himself. he was extremely wwek, he could barell move barely even lift hiss ead, um so ii's just really heartbreaking to see that kknd of situation 08 08the dog is on medication and under oster care until he is healthy enough to be ut up ffr adoption.workers are
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about tte case, toocall pplice. a baltimore city police officer who stoll roceeies ffom a northeast baltimore grocery stooe... has been asked to resign from the force.investigators ssy back in march... iara anderson intentionally under-charged darlene early... y about 3- hundred dollars.bott of them pled guilty... and received probation before jjdgment. earlyywas also ordered to 3 baltimmre ciiy fire chief james clack says he's recent pay hike to charitt.the by the mayor... has come undee fire for it's bad timinggthe closing fire companies....andd raising heaath iisurance premiims for firee ighters. clacc says heewill donate the raise to the baltimore fire -& increass in pay in their next cootraat. fishermen are preparing tt throw theeline in ocean city's 25th annual tunn tournament 3anglers are compettng for
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payouus that average out at about 5-hunddee thousand dolllrs each year. parricipants can win in two single fish aad total ammunt caught. 3the touunament asts three days... and is the nntion's largest tuna fishing tournament. from fish to cows... friday the 13th came a little early check out this strrnge scene in white marsh thursday.a herd of about a dozen cows got looss and ook to perry hall boulevard and bucks chool house roaa.patti santoni sent us this picture of the herd.. nearby farm ... and the ows - got ut.tte farmers eveetually corralled the cows.
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pass the glazed donuts... today krispy kreme celebbaaes its 5-th anniversary. anniversary.the pastrr shop got iis start in winston-salem, nooth carolina on july 13th, 1997.since pundree shops in 21 countries.- anniversary... if you buy a participating locations ... you can get a dozen originnl plazed foo 75 cents. it's also cow apppeciation day at chick--il-a.that means if you dress like a cow... you can get a free meal at the restaurant.
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an american idol judge is ut. out.coming up... why steven tyler is saying goodbye... and who is already rumored to be taking hhs place. place. you're watching fox 45 good day ñ ñ p3
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áátoss to patriceáá- baltimore idoo contest- winnerrgets of idol producersoo in front live at al packer's white marsh ford....
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33 3- 3- front of ssevee tyler ttis year.
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9:16 am iss nnouncing tyler is leaving the show. tylee has been a judge for the past wo seasons but says it'' time to &preturn to his first ove... being the frontman for aeeosmit. aerosmith.with ttat announccmenn... speculation begins over who wwll replace him. melas says: ""omeepeople that they've talked about are possibly adam lambert, kktie perry, nickk minaj, all those adam lambert has been asked a million times on red carpetss at many events - would you ever want to be a udge on yes!!"jennifer lopez hintee on
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the today shhw thursday thht she's hinking about bailing on the show, too. lawn pride gone awry. one man manages to kill his entire lawn... in one disastrous ddy... coming up. up. you're ((break 2))
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what a mess!a minnesota homeowner manages to kill hiss he ays he was looking for weed killer... but accidentally bbughh five killer instead. he hhs a 2 and a
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half acre lot of deaa grass... 3 3 3 3 3 3
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p, for more nffrmation about the ppca go to our website foxbaltimore dot ccm slash morning. win tickets to one of the hottest concerts this summer. summer..(singing)) &p((singing)) we are giiing away 2 pairs of mary j blige conccrt tickets... sometime within the next 0 minutes.stay tuned forr youu chance to wwn.
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bakery log on to fox baltimore &pdot com slash mornnng stay with us.. your chance to win mary jjblige tickets is aaead.ppus.. the investiiatioo continues this morning after an officcr shoots nd kills a man.what officees say he suspect was doing ... when he was shoo. shot. you're watching fox
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45 gooo day baltimore. 3
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3 3 3- 3
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3 an officer shoots and kills a happened just before middight on highmeadow road in reisterst. reisterstown.joel d. smith joins us llve on the scene where police are still investigating.good morning joel d. d.
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(()) 3
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if one lawmaker get his way... b-gge will hhve toopay up ááig timeááfor those power outages thousand customees wiihout - power for up to a week. wwek.state senator bbran frosh wants the public service commission to fine b.g.e áá100 them o use that money to reserve" to pay for additional workers to help reetore powwr faster.
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provide 21st cennury ssrvice compensated in 22st centurr rat" lees than three weekss.. b-g-e will have to submit a etailed report to the public ervice commission on how it respooded to the ssorm. howaad county residents are bbing asked to conserve water main in baltimore city.eliveryy residenns are being asked to put thiigs like washing hee carr..or doing the laundry onn hold during the daytime until further notice.the baltimore city wattr main is one of two &plineesfroo the city that delivers the majority of water to howard ccuuty. 3 pátoss to patriceáá p baltimorr idol contest- winner gets guaranteee
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audition in front of idol produs producerspatrice sanders is live at al packer's white marsh ford.... 3
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3 coming up... the best biie of the week. week.((bleep! itts a shark! it's a shark!)) shark!))the hilarious reaction to a shark attack.. plus a musical about 50 shades of grey.all thh things that had us laughing this week.
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nature valley, ((ad lib meteorologist))
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3we are still giving away 250 dollar giant giftcards.'s our giant
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summmr contest!we gave aaay our first giff card this orni. one... you still can... we'll be giving them away again all next week.hhre's how ttworks: if we announce your ame... you have 15 minutee to call in and claai your prize.if the winner doesn't call in... we'll draw another namee name.if you wanttto eeter... just go to our facebook pagg.. foxbaltimore... becomeea fan and complete the entry form to enter.go to our wwbsite for complete contest rules. one of the most talked about novels to date... is turnee into a musical. how could i refuse.)) refuse.))the hilarious parody.. plus... how this musicallhelps us rrveal a shadeeof tom rrdgers this week. week.and we are still looking
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and talk about some ough competition... a look at the you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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3 3&ppatrice and i are at a loss por words this wwek....and even find we have a little trouble with drawing. i have ootrouble using their pictures to make a wild weather prediction. prediction.joel d.'s plan for a big bang... fizzlee. of guys on our floor crew intt announccrrs all that and more from the week thht had us oing... poing...say what?! whaa?! saywhat7/11((22:29:56 what are you going to say? biyea: i don't know. (laughter))) 070912ana--- start bite where i put at hey panted.((they panted 24-7, ha ah aha aha .. for 24-7 aad its hard to sleep with a panting dog blooing hht air on you.))saywhat7/11
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((22:24:15 matt whistting)) ((shark bite here!))) saywhat7/11((22:30:38 steve: i'mma little nervousriiht now//cut pat//butttbites/// here's your forecast for today. ::5))saywhat7/10b rays ... ii's perffct. t's e - hoo you'd draw it on papee. 24:03))saywhat7/10b((22:24:16 good morning, i am the artist patrice sanders))saywhat7/100 3 ((22:25:11 here's my ffoecast... take a look by the (hits shirt --laughter)):24)) saywhat7/10b((22:26:29 candace: back to you patrice picasso))saywhat7/10c--- cover steve's sound with the computer picture.((22:32:56 steve: clouds, shooers and a chance of varicose veins later in the afternoon.))saywhat7/11 p(22:26:10 meg: our producer says this is the best news she'' hhard sinceejustin biebee's new album as released.))saywhat7//1 ((22:27:34 oh man, it's aaready reactiig. ppt that top on there. put that top on put it underneath the can ... packkup a little bit. 44)) saywhat7/11((22:26:19 pat: who was the designer :27)) &psayyhat7/11((22:27:49 we'll goes.))ssywhatt/11((22:26:30 pat: itts the one withhthe
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design... oh i can't think! :34))saywwat7711((22::7:57 joel: we'll listen for it ow and patiently waii..)áááááo music/noise juss shhtááá saywhht7/11((22:26:35 m.))ssywhat7/11((22:28:10 can a you ggyy wait? meg: oo we're waiting joel! there's no way pe're leaving you noww :15)) saywhat7/11((22:28819 kicks bucket))saywhat7//1((22:26:57 you voice in my head. :02))ank - &psaywhat7/111(22:28:40 lifts bucket..moves bottle. pat: ohhh))saywhat7710a----keep bucket shot w/ paa saying.... ((22:24:15 you're watching fox45 morning news. all local. all morning. all issues. shades musical"50 hhdes off prey. how could i rrfuse. saywhat7/10c((22:34:09 oo the p of us up here... (pointing to tom) :14))saywhat7/12 ((22:25:12 he triee to succ on women's toes at an area petsmart (laughter)))moosspkg 50 shades the end singing bite (("50 shades of grey.")) saywhat7/12((22:23:55 i hope i didn't come on too strong today. i apologize if i did.)) saywhat7/11 --- end bite (((2:30:18 pat: okay, off with &pyou!!(laughing)))ssyyhat7/11 ((22:23:55 (matt & biyea
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((22226:25 bye suckas!)) 3 see mary j bllge in concert... for free. her show... we are giving them away some time within the next ten minutes... stay tuned for your chance to win. win. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ñ ñ 3
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áátoss to patriceáá- baltimore idol contest- winner gets guaranneed audition in front of idol producers producers patrice anders ii live at al packer's white marsh ford.... 3
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,3 3&win a pair of tickets to mary j blige... next. you're watching fox 45 good dayybaltimmre.
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improving their public image. mary j blige s on a 3 "liberation tour"... she will be at the verizon center august 26th.ttckets go on sale through live nation this you caa get iito the show for free!live nation sent us the 4th and 5th callers rrght now at 410-481-4545 win a paar of passes tt the showw 3
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